Above.- Salt water pool with tread-mill


My Holiday Home  was created as a place to relax in an atmosphere «good old classic decoration» functional and practical, above all comfortable.

It is found in the center of the world’s largest man made forest and not far from the emblamatic towns of Ubeda-Baeza, Granada and Cordoba.

The province of Jaen is comprised of the largest man made forest, Olive Trees. Dr Bach uses the olive to treat patients suffering from extreme tiredness physical or mental. Its climate is dry and very healthy. Apart from Ubeda and Baeza two renascence towns declared as International Heritage for their architecture, the province has more castles than any area of Spain and Europe’s largest natural park. You can’t beat the area for its culture and climate.


In general the house is comfortable all year round.
The house has about  200 m2, which is made up the main suite, the double bedroom with its own bathroom which are upstairs then downstairs is the single bedded suite, the living area and kitchen which lead on to the garden and pool. The gallery is a long passage packed with items of interest concerning the painter; Antonio Montiel. There are areas for the wood, drying and washing of clothes.
At the other end of the patio is the office.
The house has air conditioning and heating units. The main suite and ground floor is heated by a huge wood burning stove as well.
(There is a sofa bed and an escaño, in the old days the village people used this bench as a double bed.
(It its fine for a normal sized adult).


Úbeda and Baeza, offer a great deal for the tourist. (See their web pages) Also this region of the “Loma” offers many other villages full of the renaissance culture, each one with its own particular flavour. Don’t forget the province of Jaen has more castles and fortified buildings than any other in Spain. Also, longer trips are worth it, for example the Natural Park of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas, taking advantage of the existing resources already in the zone.


What to do

A minutes walk.
A magnificent church, said to be the biggest in the province. The Museum of Popular Art and traditions set in the Bishops Palace C.16. The Torreon (Arabian tower) from which there are fantastic views.
From the house there are simple easy walks to the Village cemetery (in Spain they are all worth a vist) o to the neighbouring village, Lupion. One can wander in any direction through the Forrest of olives too.

Two minutes by car.
The village swimming pool . Guided tour of an olive oil factory:- OLEÍCOLA SAN FRANCISCO

Five minutes by car.
Baeza – Renascence town
Ibros – Part of the Iberian wall Puente del Obispo – a magnificente bridge

Ten minutes by car
Ubeda – Renascence town
Castle of canena
Spa Centre of Canena
A museum dedicated to the Olive

Twenty minutes by car.
Linares – El corte ingles, a golf course, La Garza, a museum dedicated to Spanish Customs
Jaen – Museum dedicated to Iberian culture, Museum of naïve painting, Arab baths, castle of Jaen and the biggest renascence cathedral build by Vandelmira.
Castle of Sabiote

Forty minutes by car.
Andujar – Arab baths that you can try out.
Iznatoraf – a village set on top of a mountain with the streets full of flowers.
Baños de Encina- the oldest Arab castle in Europe.
Natural park of Cazorla y la villas.
Natural park of Sierra Magina
Natural park of Sierra Morena

The towns of Baeza and Ubeda have cultural programs all through the year: flamenco music and dance etc- Have a look at their web pages.

DON’T FORGET Granada(Alhambra),Cordoba(Mezcita) and Seville(Jewish quarter) is about 90mins away…..